New Eagle Grove Hotel Set to Break Ground

October 10, 2019 | Post from the Eagle Grove Eagle

The above rendering shows both facilities (Event Center and the Hotel). The Event Center is a Phase 2 Expansion. Only the hotel will be built at this time. Rendering provided by

Mickey Cooper, president of the Eagle Grove Hotel LLC, along with City Administrator Bryce Davis, are excited to announce that ground-breaking for a new hotel in town began earlier this week.

The planning for the new two-story hotel began back in 2017.

“It’s been a process,” said Cooper.  “The first thing we did, which I think was very smart, was called around and talked to different hotels about what works and what doesn’t work, as well as some other people who are invested in hotels, and kind of learned from their mistakes.”

“They will know what they are doing.  It’s a whole different market.  It’s not like building a house,” was the common theme of advice we were given. Based on this, the committee decided it would be in their best interest to go with a contractor who specifically and only builds hotels.

From there, they chose HCI (Huegerich Construction) as the builder of the new Eagle Grove Hotel.  His company has built many hotels including the hotel in Garner (which the Eagle Grove committee toured) as well as the Sleep Inn in Fort Dodge along with the new hotel located right next to Fort Frenzy.  He’s built many others in the region as well.

“We feel very comfortable with him,” noted Cooper.

The second part of the process was to find investors for the Eagle Grove project; identifying the bank, and identifying the financing.  Through this process they formed the Eagle Grove Hotel LLC.

“The biggest job was probably finding the right investors, people that were interested,” said Cooper. “But finally, it all came together this fall.”

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