Succession Planning Webinar

August 24, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Join us May 24, for Our Succession Planning Webinar!

This month, the University of Northern Iowa’s Advance Iowa program is launching a free webinar focused on succession planning – Business Transitions – Planning Ahead for the Future of Your Business.


Succession planning is an easy thing to put off and not address until its too late. If you start early with the end in mind, you can avoid a lot of the conflict and create more opportunities for yourself. At the end, the goal is to transition your business according to your wishes. This may involve succession to a family member, selling the business to key employees, other interested parties or a number of other scenarios. Scott Bailey, Dan Beenken, and Jayne Kielman have been working with businesses throughout the state of Iowa to do just this and are bringing their expertise to you through these webinars.

What You Will Learn from the Webinar:

  • Top 5 Succession Planning Questions You Should be Asking
  • 3 High Impact Planning Ideas
  • 3 Strategic Planning Concepts to Increase the Value of Your Business

What You Will Leave With After the Webinar:

  • Financial Health Screening Report with Industry Benchmarks
  • GrowthWheel 360 Screening Survey
  • Written List of Resources and Self-Helps

Reserve your spot today, and learn more about how to plan now for later!



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If you aren’t able to attend, stay tuned, this webinar will be offered again:
Wednesday, June 28: 12:00-1:00 PM
Thursday, August 24: 12:00-1:00 PM


Meet Your Advance Iowa Staff:


Scott Bailey serves as a Lead Consultant for Advance Iowa and is currently the president of In The Black – Ink Co, which provides CFO services, coaching and exit planning. Bailey previously had a successful career at Pella Co., getting his hands into multiple areas including distribution, manufacturing, and strategic development.


Dan Beenken serves as the Program Director and Lead Consultant for Advance Iowa. Prior to Advance Iowa Beenken worked in asset management, venture capital and investment banking, and product management. He has extensive experience working with early-stage firms on capital and formation and exit strategies.


Jayne Kielman serves as the Business Development Representative for Advance Iowa. Kielman’s early sales career included retail, hospitality, and advertising where she developed an in-depth understanding of what makes small and medium sized businesses successful. Kielman specializes in connecting people and resources across Iowa.