Company to increase production in Pocahontas

Bill Sheabrandfx

POCAHONTAS — A maker of truck bodies commonly used by utility companies is moving more of its production work from Texas to Pocahontas, company leaders announced.

“The move reflects our continued dedication to a better production process and to faster turn-around times for our customers,” Gary Heisterkamp, the president of BrandFX, said in announcing the move.

More than $1.5 million is being invested in the company’s plant on the northwest side of Pocahontas to prepare it for the additional work.

Company officials did not indicate when the production shift will occur or how many additional jobs will be created in Pocahontas.

The company’s announcement was welcomed in Pocahontas.

”Absolutely, this is very good news,” said Tom Grau, the director of the Pocahontas County Economic Development Commission.

Grau said the high caliber of the plant’s workers is a key reason for the company’s move.

”We’ve got some of the best workers around,” he said.

The presence of Iowa Central Community College and U.S. Highway 20, which is nearing completion as a four-lane route all across northern Iowa, also figured into the decision, according to Grau.

BrandFX, based in Fort Worth, Texas, makes bodies for trucks that are commonly used by electric utilities and phone companies. The bodies are made out of composite materials rather than steel.

The Pocahontas plant already accounts for 35 percent of the company’s production, according to the company’s announcement. It is also the home to many of its most senior composite production experts, BrandFX leaders said.

The truck bodies made in Pocahontas are shipped elsewhere to be mounted on truck chassis.

”They’re getting more contracts all the time,” Grau said.

The company’s engineering, administration, sales, research and development, and installation operations will remain in Fort Worth.

The company was founded in 1984 in Fort Worth.